Youngevity has developed a convenient Healthy Body Challenge nutrition plan that will give your body all the nutrients it needs to quickly get fit, gain energy, lose weight and get healthy. To accept the challenge, simply take the products in the Healthy Body Start Pak. In just a few short weeks you will begin noticing and enjoying life-changing benefits.

During the Healthy Body Challenge. Each Healthy Body Pak provides the full 90 nutrients, including minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. The Healthy Body Start Pak is the first step to life-changing benefits. Because your body and your needs are unique, we offer specialty packs to help you address your specific needs.

tim-lost-55-lbs-300x157Tim lost 55 lbs.

I love the outdoors. Golfing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting are things I really enjoy. Over the past 8 years I had put on enough weight that it was difficult to enjoy any of these activities. I tried different ways to lose weight and none of them took off more than 5 or 6 lbs. and then I would gain those back plus a few more. I heard about the ASAP product and met a few people that were having tremendous success. I decided to give it a try. I have lost a total of 55 lbs. and 12 inches in the waist in 110 days. My Body Mass Index (BMI) has gone from Obese to NORMAL! I am now at my Ideal weight according to the charts. I feel great physically, emotionally, and mentally. Thanks to the Healthy Body Challenge, I am also enjoying the outdoor activities again! —

Tim S., Burnsville, MN