Who is Malina Briggs?

Who is Malina Briggs?Who is Malina Briggs? Malina Briggs is the Vice Chairman Marketing Director at Youngevity. She is also the leader of Team Aloha. Malina is one of our biggest supporters and is the one who helped Mr. Youngevity get off the ground. She will be a great resource in your journey towards success with your health and with your wealth.

Who is Malina Briggs? She is the leader of Team Aloha. Team Aloha has great resources, team calls, and motivational tools to help you achieve your dreams. As a part of the Mr. Youngevity Group, you will be working closely with Team Aloha. Watch this video to learn a little more about Malina's inspirational story as a single mom achieving her dreams with Youngevity.

Who is Malina Briggs? She is from Hawaii and the mother of five beautiful girls. She became familiar with Youngevity by listening to Dr. Wallach on the Alex Jones Radio Show.  She quickly recognized the wisdom and truth of his message and immediately ordered the 90 For Life products. Malina took the products for two years before she started building her business. “I was sharing the products with my friends,” she says, “and basically ‘doing the business’ without doing the business. When I saw that others were making great money in Youngevity, I decided that I could do it, too. I set a goal and determined in my mind that I would achieve it.” When she started building her business she was pregnant with baby number 5 and she didn’t want to ever have to put her children in daycare and go to a JOB. She wanted to do something she could be proud of, and she couldn’t think of anything she could be more proud of than spreading Dr. Wallach’s message of health and helping to change lives.

It was challenging to find the time to attack her business the way she wanted to, but she made time by waking up hours before her children in the morning, and staying up late at night to do training. She passed out cards and samples as she went about her daily routine and had several home events each month. “I love my Healthy Start Pak,” she says, “and the Pollen Burst is my elixir of life! I also take Imortalium, Hair Skin and Nails, HGH, and Selenium. I feel like I’ve found the fountain of youth in Youngevity! My hair no longer comes in grey, my skin is moisturized from the inside out, and I have more energy than I know what to do with.” Her advice to those who want to be successful is to decide what they want to achieve, and then get so clear about it that they can see it. Then they should fully commit to getting it, no matter what. She believes it’s important to keep feeding the mind with positive input and to remember to have fun! Malina’s “why” is her five beautiful girls. “I want to provide for them and model a lifestyle that shows them they can create whatever they desire for themselves and their families. I want to show them that they CAN make their dreams come true because their mom is living the life of her dreams and it is only going to get better!

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